Superb Testimonial

Meet the jam maker who sealed 6,000 jars in three months.


Master canner M Segrist recently put Superb Canning Lids to the test in the kitchen at WoodBottom Farms.

WoodBottom Farms supplies its Cincinnati, Ohio community with bourbon infused jams, jellies and caramel sauce. The products have been flying off the shelves at local farmers markets, and more retailers are showing interest, so Segrist needed a canning lid she could rely on.

Because her work celebrates locally-grown food, she was pleased to learn the Superb lids were made in the USA. But it was the quality of the lids that really sealed the deal.

Frustrated with buckling lids and failed seals from other brands, she used Superb lids on more than 6,000 jars of her product this summer.

The result: 99.7% of the lids sealed successfully.

“We have had 22 out of 6000 with a failed seal. But those could also be due to the jars,” Segrist said, noting those jars appeared to have manufacturing defects. “We are very pleased with Superb lids and recommend them often.”

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