Craftsmen by trade, canners by tradition.

From old-world Amish artisanship to our modern manufacturing facility, our family has always sought to make the world a better place.

Members of the Miller family
Superb's first office, a garage
Our Roots

superb start.

Since the late 1700s, the Miller family has cultivated a tradition of superb workmanship as farmers, blacksmiths, and clockmakers. And now, we make precision metal parts for companies around the world. So when our community called on us to create a better canning lid, we put 10 generations of knowledge to work.

The Superb family of companies began in a two-car garage in 1986 in Ohio Amish Country where brothers Dan and John Miller had a vision to make a difference in manufacturing. Our company found success and moved into a larger facility where we would become a well-known manufacturer of custom metal components. All the while, we stayed true to our mission: making the world better by providing superior products, good wages, and a profitable business for our family.

In 2021, supply chain disruptions resulted in our local Amish population facing a shortage of high-quality lids. With our own roots in the Amish tradition, we were committed to helping our neighbors preserve their harvest and keep their shelves stocked with food. We put our engineering minds to work and designed a lid with a more reliable seal, better quality assurance, and improved corrosion resistance. 

Today, we’re focused on bringing high-integrity canning lids to home gardeners, home cooks, and homesteaders across the nation.

We'll have you singing

The best canning lid deserves the best canning jingle!

Because canning used to be a ball, then it was no fun at all. We want to bring back the days when more companies made products worth singing about. (Yes, it’s a music video about canning lids. Yes, you’ll be singing it later).