Other canning lids aren't what they used to be. So we made one that seals better.

Superb mason jar lids are made by a family of 5th generation home canners in Ohio Amish Country. Our company exists to help others experience the joys of homegrown and local food.

Seal It Right

Bringing ingenuity to home canning.

You don’t compromise when it comes to putting food on the table. And neither do we. As canners ourselves, we know that failed seals can ruin many hours of hard work.

For years, there have been few improvements to canning products, and the quality of once-trusted brands has declined.  Our company, Superb Industries, saw new ways to bring our engineering expertise to canning lid design. The result is a lid that provides a reliable seal, clear quality assurance, and strong corrosion protection.   

Today, we're improving canning for the next generation by returning to a simple idea: doing it right is better than doing it over. 

The superb difference

Innovation to sustain a tradition.

See how we designed a better lid to preserve your harvest, and your peace of mind.


BluSeal Integrity

A proprietary, food-safe material developed for a stronger seal.

An illustration of BluSeal Integrity
An illustration of PopLok Assurance

PopLok Assurance

Clear confirmation of seal integrity through site, sound, and touch.


QuinTek Protection

Five layers of interior and exterior corrosion protection surrounding a steel core.

1. BPA Free Classic Gold, 2. Food Grade Electroplate, 3. Food Grade Electroplate, 4. BPA Free Beige Base Coat, 5. BPA Free Top Coat

An illustration of QuinTek Protection